The Advanced Integration and Mining Lab (AIM Lab) was established in 2005 to conduct data integration and data mining research in the Computer and Information Science Department at the University of Oregon. The AIM lab has been an important part of the department"s strategic research initiatives in Distributed Informatics, Intelligent Information Systems, and Data Science.


Deep Learning Talk
This weekend, July 21 - July 23, we are going to have a series of Deep Learning Talk by professors from University of Oregon, New Jersey Institue of Technology, and Auburn University.Details and itinerary are in here

Group Meetings

Parenting Behavior and Long-Term Outcomes
This meeting will outline an upcoming cross-disicplinary project between Computer Science and Counseling Psychology. As a part of a Counseling Psychology research project called Project Alliance,...
Explaining Neural Networks
Given enough data, deep neural nets are able to learn strong classifiers across various domains. However, in order to effectively use such a model for practical purposes, it's important to be able to... slides
Regular Group Meeting on Feburary 7th
We will have our regular group meeting at Room 260 of Deschutes Hall. Gongming Wang will be doing a session on the topic 'Deep belief network with partial least square regression'.
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Our Mission

There are large amounts of data stored in different data repositories, such as databases, data warehouses, the Web, and the emerging Semantic Web. They may use different structures (schemas) or semantics (ontologies) to describe their data even in the same domain. How to integrate these heterogenous data resources is still a big challenge to both database and Semantic Web research. Finding the relationships (mappings) is the first step to do data integration and it may need human involvement.