Registering to Attend the Conference

Authors must REGISTER and FULLY PAY the REGISTRATION FEE via our website ( by July 5. please make sure to indicate the paper(s) you are going to present. (Each paper only requires one registration as the presenter. Other authors can register as regular conference attendants. Each author is allowed to present up to two papers at the maximum.) If we do not receive your registration fee by July 5, your paper(s) can be retracted.

Manuscript Preparation


Page Limit

Each regular paper may have up to 6 pages without extra charge. You must submit your camera-ready version by July 5, and your submitted camera-ready version must be WITHIN SIX (6) PAGES. If your camera-ready version is not received by July 5, or is more than SIX PAGES, your paper can be retracted. (If you want an exception to be made regarding the page limit, please contact the TPC chairs as soon as possible, but no later than July 15. However, we reserve the right to decline any such request. Grant of such exceptions is subject to an over-page-limit charge and at the discretion of the TPC chairs.)

Author Kit

The following is a URL link to the "Author's Final Paper Formatting and Submission Instructions" Webpage (Online Author Kit) for 2010 Second International Symposium on Data, Privacy, and E-Commerce (ISDPE 2010):


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