Heterogeneous Data Repository At AIM Lab


The real or synthetic data and meta data we collected or created are heterogeneous in semantics and/or in structure. They are originally stored in relational tables, excel files, HTML/XML Web or the Semantic Web formats (e.g., OWL, RDF, DAML+OIL). We tried to keep the real data at their original formats. We also provide both URL links (if available) and local copies for some files in case that the URL links do not work for downloading. We organize the datasets based on the domains. For each domain, there are at least two heterogeneous data (or meta data) sets. The semantic mappings are automatically discovered by our mapping tools or manually defined by us. The datasets are now listed in the order of domain names:

Academic Department Domain
(collected or created by Han Qin)
Amalgam Domain
(collected or created by Han Qin)
DBLP Domain
(collected or created by Han Qin)
Hotel Domain
(collected or created by Han Qin)
Mondial Domain
(collected or created by Han Qin)
Network Domain
(collected or created by Han Qin)
University Domain
(collected or created by Paea LePendu and Han Qin)
Note, for the heterogeneous biomedical data from our collaborators, please visit their websites and download data there: e.g., ZFIN (the Zebrafish Model Organism Database), MGI (Mouse Genome Informatics), NIC (NeuroInformatics Center), EGI (Electrical Geodesics, Inc).
Last modified 10/08/11
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