Project Documentation

This project, conducted by the Advanced Integration and Mining Lab (AIM Lab) of the Department of Computer and Information Science of University of Oregon with help from Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) and Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN), is aimed at providing web interfaces to search across the data of both MGI and ZFIN. Currently, interfaces are provided to search for gene expressions and phenotypes.

Two integration techniques are used independent of each other.

You can search using either of these techniques.

Mediation-Based Integration

The links for files containing the view definitions and the queries used in integration are provided below.

Ontology-Based Integration

The links for files containing the mappings and the queries are provided below. These are in Web-PDDL. You can find a guide for the Web-PDDL language here.


We will provide a paper or a technical report on this project soon.


If you need further information please contact Daya C. Wimalasuriya

Last Modified: 3/20/2008